Worst Race EVER!

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Stacey Greene, Author

Oh! What lessons we learn in this crazy thing we call life.

My husband and I entered a race he does every year, and I had only done one other time. I was so excited. Since last year I had trained harder, smarter and even upgraded my paddle for the kayak portion of the race.

I was “stoked.” I was”pumped.” I even felt like I was climbing the walls with extra energy on my rest day. But then race day came and as much as I thought I had it all together, the gun went off and there seemed to be no oxygen in my legs.

Check out the video for the nitty-gritty details.


In summary, within the first half-mile, I knew something was very, very wrong. I contemplated multiple times on the bike to quit. I actually tried to quit 8 miles into the 10-mile bike. I then tried to quit again before even getting to the kayak portion of the race. But somehow I could not let this particular day be the first day that I ever quit a race.

Are you about to quit a relationship? Are you about to give up on a new business venture you are not having success at? Are you ready to just throw in the towel and go back to your same old grind? Are you going to give up on the dream of writing your first book before you even pick up your pen?

DON’T. I am here to tell you that pain is temporary and pride is forever.

Now, perhaps I was an idiot to finish. What if I was having a heat stroke? What if my blood sugar was so low that I passed out riding down a big hill at 30 miles an hour? Then I guess I would have “died with my boots on” so to speak.

Thankfully I am here to write another blog and even show you how great the next day was.

So when you have your next sh#@&y day, remember that the sun will come up again tomorrow. As my father used to tell me “keep on keeping on.”

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