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It has been years since Oprah first aired her show about keeping a gratitude journal. Wayne Dyer (may he rest in peace) was also a big gratitude speaker and who can forget the Rhonda Byrne DVD, The Secret, that swept the nation in the earlier part of the last decade? It seemed like everyone was trying to figure out the Law of Attraction and hoping to manifest money, relationships, and good health.

Call it gratitude, the Law of Attraction, or even manifestation. These buzzwords have become a part of almost everyone’s self-help agenda; and rightly so. We all want to be happy and feel secure.

But, life is going to throw some “stuff” in our fan. Jobs are lost, our health status changes, relationships fail, and people we love die.

What makes us get back up, clean the “stuff” off and keep moving forward is the ability to remember better times, and allow ourselves the opportunity to think of good things to come.

The Gratitude Effect – Shift Your Mindset, Optimize Your Outcomes, and Boost Emotional Well-Being  By Richard J. Cavaness is the book you may want to put at the top of your list this year. In this worthy publication, I was reminded of so many principals that I often forget to utilize fully.

Richard and I had the pleasure of working together on the 2019 Legacy of Purpose Summit with Bill McConnel (Conquer What’s Next – Bill McConnell ) and I found the story of why Rich became grateful quite compelling. If you purchase the 2019 Legacy of Purpose Summit you will be blessed with 12 gifts, one from each speaker. I was excited to hear the 20 tips to get me started on my way to gratitude (his gift to the summit) as I also read Rich’s book.

If I were to list a sampling of subjects covered, I would say my favorites were “gratitude has nothing to do with conditions. It is an emotion we choose”, abundance mentality is when you are in a win-win situation whereas scarcity mentality is where you are stuck in a feeling of win-lose, and someone else’s good fortune should never take away from your potential.

My problem since childhood has always been to be instantly reactive to situations. This causes me to often become defensive and feel as if my beliefs or opinions are being attacked. I have worked long and hard at letting things go and stepping out of judgment, but I must say I am yet a work in progress.

In Richard’s book, I resonated most with his ability to “reframe” things. As you know, my favorite videos are where I found myself reframing a less than optimal day, and not becoming so reactive.  See Reframe the winter blahs or Reframing with Stacey Greene or 89 cent cake 

Reframing can be done almost instantly when a situation has not gone in your favor, but it can also be done with situations from farther down the memory banks of your past. If you have ventured to read  Letters to the Dead Men – Unexpected Revelations then you know that Lydia waited until years later to reframe the deaths of her six favorite men by writing letters to them long after they went to meet their maker. Richard says that reframing the past can be as simple as being grateful for today.

While you are waiting for The Gratitude Effect to arrive at your door, start with being grateful for small things. Small things lead to bigger things. Rich gives a great analogy of a horse. “Who is the rider and who is the horse?” You see, if you do not take possession of your mind and attitude, then the horse ends up riding you!

When I spoke with Richard recently he reminded me that “Gratiitude is the catalyst that fuels a positive mental attitude.” Well said! Pick up your copy and be sure to comment on this blog. Better yet, contact Richard at http://www.TheGratitudeEffect.net or http://www.RichCavaness.com


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