Three Day Fast

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Oh! What we get talked into!

No, seriously, I was not talked into anything. I have a dear friend who asked if I wanted to do a three day fast with her and I said yes, a bit reluctantly.

The rules are water, green tea, lemon and if the cravings are intense, 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil with perhaps a drop of Stevia.

Can I do it? I am not sure Will I try it? Absolutely. You see when we open ourselves up to challenges we grow.

I am looking forward to these next three days of giving my digestive system a rest, finding other things to do besides puttering around in the kitchen all afternoon, and seeing what I am really made of.

I don’t know what the evening cravings will be like. I don’t know how difficult it will be tonight to sit at the dinner table with my hot tea, watching my husband eat his dinner. I can only imagine it will still be a time where we share the banter of what our workday was like and what we are looking forward to later in the week.

From what I remember about doing a three day fast when I was 30 plus years younger, I do remember that day two the cravings went away. I can only hope.

While I am still a bit apprehensive as to the final outcome, I am excited to use mealtime for other things. I have scheduled a foot detox and a 45-minute session in a salt cave. I have pulled out my Quest Study Bible and my highlighter as I plan to spend more time in God’s word.

My rebounding trampoline is ready. My outdoor bike is resting on the indoor bike trainer. My yoga mat may need some cobwebs removed but I do own one. I have a brush for dry brushing my skin, I have the weird glasses that help your melatonin levels at night and I have a supportive husband. What could go wrong?

I am allowing this time to be one of detoxification, not pollution. I declare this a time to recover, not sacrifice. I want to replenish myself and put myself first.

Next week I am sure I will expound on the three days. Will it be a success or an epic fail? I guess you will have to wait and see. In the meantime, what challenges are you opening yourself up to instead of shrinking from? Please comment or contact me. I love to hear from the people who take the time to read these posts.


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