Success or Epic Fail?

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So how did it go? Did I make it through the three-day fast with nothing more than water, lemon and green tea?

Why yes, yes I did!

Day One was not too difficult. I do not usually eat until around 11:00 AM, so the first cravings I had came at the same time three of my friends and I were getting a foot detox. I was so mortified at the results of the foot detox that I forgot all about the cravings.

Now I know my skeptical readers will say that these do not work and some studies show that the water changes color even in the absence of feet being in the tub. It all has to do with the water and the charge of the coil that is in the tub (in between my feet in picture one). Okay. Then explain to me why the three other ladies I was with had different colors and variations of film and bubbles in their water when we finished the ionic detox.

For all of my holistic readers, I must say that for the rest of the day, I had a sense of well being and lightness that was above and beyond my usual bubbly self.

The next stop was 10 feet away from the foot detox where we ladies reclined in zero gravity chairs with weighted blankets and snoozed for 45 minutes in a salt cave. The soft, relaxing music and the sound of a small waterfall allowed us to all go in our minds to wherever we needed to be.

Cravings became an issue towards dinner time but my charming husband made his own dinner so that I would not have to be in the kitchen. Have I told you how much I love that man?

Day Two was amazing in terms of the pride I felt from making it through day one, but later in the day, I began to have some pain in the tooth I was scheduled to have pulled next month. Perhaps the pain of the tooth superseded the hunger pangs and I made it through day two.

Oh boy! On day three I rode my bike on my indoor trainer for thirty minutes to try to keep my mind off of the pain in my tooth but to no avail. By 1:00 in the afternoon, my oral surgeon was removing the tooth one month early and sending me on my way.

Having a gaping hole in my mouth made it easy to finish the third day of the fast because there was no way I was going to chew anything!

At the end of the fast, I chose to break it with some chicken broth and head off to bed.

As my tongue kept rolling around my mouth, looking for the tooth that was no longer there, I reflected on so many things.

Three days is not a huge amount of time. I am stronger than I think. My energy did not wane as I had expected. I was able to do a bike ride (although I did not do high intensity) on day three. My husband supported me by making his own meals. My friends did not think I was crazy but instead supported me.

I feel ready for the upcoming Holiday eating and now know that I do not have to stuff myself at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. I learned a lot and know that my good buddy who encouraged me to do this with her is smiling ear to ear as she reads this.

What I find the most exciting is that now I am ready for a new challenge. Will it be getting back to writing my next book? Will it be to step outside of my comfort zone (comfort cage) and finish a project that has been scaring me to complete?

Stay tuned. And, for those of you who prefer to watch and not read, here is the link to my three-day summary on Youtube.

Three Day Fast summary 8 minutes


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