Stacey Greene takes the reader through a subject many people have experienced, but few are comfortable talking about….infidelity. Greene’s book puts one couple’s decision to grow from this episode into fiction format.

The character, Michelle, made assumptions about her marriage that did not allow her to see anything out of the ordinary. To further complicate the relationship, one spouse uses faith in God while the other vacillates on the existence or not of a higher power. Do the children figure it out? Does the character, Jim, continue to see the other woman? Will the marriage make it?

Greene’s autobiographical approach shows the reader what lies on the other side of such a breach of trust.

“Powerfully honest, this book is full of the emotion one would expect to find in your heart when dealing with this situation. And its exactly that honesty that makes this book awesome. The lyrics from different songs at the beginning of each chapter hit home and the scripture verses at the end of each chapter are truths that we can all hold onto. I highly recommend this book to all readers, Christian or not, it will help you if you have ever been thru this painful situation and even if you have never had to deal with this in your life, it will help you realize how easy it is for us to fall into this trap, especially if you have ever said that it could never happen to you.” – Andrew 2/4/16

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