Back in the ’80s, I was teaching a little girl ice skating lessons. As we were perfecting her balance on one foot she began philosophizing on something way beyond her years. I asked her how she knew about that subject and she simply answered: “I love to learn.”

I brushed it off as a cute but nerdy girl. You see, it was taking me way longer than 4 years to complete my first degree and I was sick of learning. Little did I know that years later, long after that B.S. was proudly displayed on my wall that my brain would soon go stagnant. I would crave to know more about subjects from nutrition to leadership, human anatomy to marketing my books.

What fuel does the brain run on? How can I make that cute craft I saw on Pinterest? Is there a way to make money from home? What muscles do I need to develop to kayak better in this year’s race? There is always a YouTube video, a webinar, a book, a seminar or a class to glean knowledge from.

As a Christian woman, I am also willing to grow deeper in my faith. Going to church on Sunday is great, but I realize that there is so much more to spending time in fellowship with our creator. Recently I had the opportunity to be a speaker in a virtual summit with several talented authors and speakers.

One, in particular, reached right out from the computer screen and grabbed my heart! I could not wait to sign up for her online class called The Non-Negotiables. So today I gladly share her information in case you too are ready to learn what God has in store for your life.

Joan Turley and her partner Terri Capshaw have the best stories from their own life experiences and so many nuggets of Biblical wisdom.

One of my favorite modules was about how God never wastes our pain. Now let me be clear on one thing. I have non-believing friends. They don’t believe in God because they say “Why would a loving God ————?” They can fill in the blanks with anything from cancer, accidental death, a spouses affair, war, famine, financial ruin and more.

Well, my response is always “God does not create infidelity, cancer, famine etc…” We have and always will have free choice. That being said, many of us have made poor decisions and have been thrown a few curve balls in life.

It is when we seek Him to help us through these trials that He shows us His love, mercy, and compassion. I used the Superchick song Beauty from Pain, to get through some incredibly difficult times. Enjoy it.

Know that when we call on Him and show Him our heart, He will use the drawbacks in our life to bring us to a stronger place and often into a better position to be of help and influence to others struggling. Keep the faith and remember that we are all still learning!

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