Stacey Greene Coaching

I began my one on one coaching in 2010 as a Certified Health Coach, trained by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Although health and nutrition have always been close to my heart, I have been sending my nutritional clients to other trusted I.I.N. coaches. This allows me to focus my skills and passions in the areas of forgiveness and moving through the grief process.

I find that grief and forgiveness are first cousins. This analogous relationship between them allows me to help rebuild connections for couples and family members, provide comfort and validate everyone’s feelings and beliefs.

For people who do not feel ready for one on one coaching or for those who want more reinforcement, I have also created the courses below for individuals and couples who want to improve areas in their life where they feel stagnant and spiritless. To me, there is nothing worse than a blase, turned off, lackluster existence. My coaching infuses enthusiasm into your day and you will be emboldened to move towards your hopes and dreams.

Working Through Infidelity

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Journaling Through Grief

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