Public Speaker - Marriage, Grief and More

As a public speaker, I enjoy tailoring my speaking to your audience.  I will want to know more about your audience and the problems they are currently facing. I want to meet them where they are and motivate and inspire positive change.

My favorite topics to speak on are journaling through your grief, seeing the big picture in marriage, how to deal with issues after the honeymoon, and reinventing the marriage during the empty nest years.

If you are contacting me about a seminar and following a specific theme, please let me know in advance so that I may follow the theme.

So many things come into play when I am asked to speak. Distance, travel and accommodations may be necessary. Please leave the name and number of the person I need to call upon receiving this information. 

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    Hire Stacey for Your Speaking Engagement

    Corporate Public Speaker:
    Marriage in the Workplace

    What is the climate of your corporation? Are your employees missing too many workdays because of being a single parent? Is a costly and stressful divorce causing an employee to be distracted and less committed? 

    I love speaking on reigniting marriages and keeping them strong. Having lived through many years of being employed in less than optimal jobs and being a survivor of infidelity I know what financial and emotional stress is like. I can offer your employees strategies to keep the sanctity and joy of marriage alive and provide a plan of action so they can focus on enjoying your job more.