Death seems to come when we least expect it. It is almost always premature and makes us take a hard look at who we now are without that individual in our life. Have you ever missed an opportunity to say goodbye to someone you love?

Lydia can relate as she grapples with where she fits into this world when she loses many of the favorite men in her life. Each loss makes her reevaluate her relationship to the departed, and what piece of them she will glean from as she ascends into adulthood. With some guilt and regrets still lingering years later, Lydia struggles to find a way to receive closure.

Having suffered the loss of my daughter a few months ago, and both parents within 3 years I approached this book with caution and concern. I didn’t know how I would deal with the eruptions of raw emotion that might be uncomfortable to embrace. Instead I found that the whimsical journey through Lydia’s life allowed me to carefully reflect on some of the wonderfully joyful moments in her loss story and mine. I enjoyed the flashback to a 70’s childhood and the hippy chic culture that was Coventry in the 80’s. Rather than inducing more pain in my grief journey her story made me want to sit down and write a few letters to dead men and women of my own.” – Lore 11/17/18

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