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For whatever reason, when I was homeschooling my three children, one of them had a fascination with books about World War Two. She read true stories like  The Diary of Ann Frank and many of the Dear America Diaries that were fiction based on history. In high school, she read Elie Wiesel books and it would not surprise me that she also read Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

I too became interested in this period of history knowing my father almost fought in World War ll but was spared by the hands of time. He was stationed in Guam for a sort of clean-up duty after the war had ended.

My daughter and I must not be the only ones still enthralled with a period of time where only hope, perseverance, and love could survive the horrific events that created a War that involved over thirty countries and spanned six years.

I say this as authors are still writing true and fictional stories about this time in history. I read as many as I have time to read. One of my favorites is In Alexa’s Shoes by Rochelle Alexandra

Ya, ya. I know. I am biased. Like Sarah Wayt, author of Conscious Connection I also had the opportunity to spend three days at the same conference table with Rochelle, the author of In Alexa’s Shoes This touching and true story about her Grandmother is worth the read.

Many of the WWll books are written from the view of a Jewish person in a concentration camp. But, In Alexa’s Shoes is the story of a Catholic girl who lived in Lublin, in the east of Poland when the Germans were rounding up neighborhoods of Jews. Alexa was rounded up and the story unfolds of how she was spared staying at the concentration camp of Dachau, but young Alexa was forced to become the house slave of a Gestapo officer’s family.

Her time working for this family as well as her dangerous journey across war-torn Europe will keep you turning pages as she tries to reunite with what family might be left after the war.

Author Rochelle did a great job writing how Alexa expresses her true feelings on how dangerous hate is. Alexa held no malice and didn’t paint all Germans with the same brush, despite what she and so many innocents suffered at the hands of the Nazis during WWII.

“ …Don’t get me wrong, I despise what the Nazis have done to millions of people under Hitler’s direction, but I don’t hate all of the German people because if it. I believe that when hate is encouraged, supported and allowed to run loose in society, the stronger it becomes. Hate is like a poison, that can infect and quickly spread becoming pandemic. Look at the influence that Hitler’s hatred of the Jews’ has had on such a mass scale. His toxic hatred became so divisive, so destructive and so deadly.”

Oh! Alexa, what a beautiful lesson we need to hear today.

“… it’s very clear that through hate and peoples’ indifference and intolerance, hate spread like wildfire. And look how it then spread throughout Europe to non-Jews. Look at my life and that of my mother’s. We were Catholic and look at how our lives and the lives of so many others, have been forever changed all because of the spread of Hitler’s hatred. So, No Antoni, I will not allow a breeding ground for hatred in my life. Love is the answer, only love! And my trust I place in God, the true source of love. He promises that everyone will answer to him on judgement day and that he will repay the wicked for their evil deeds.”

Table 15 at the Igniting Souls Conference of 2019 will forever be a highlight of my career as an author and speaker. Meeting authors like Marian Poeppelmeyer, Sarah Wayt, Rochelle Alexandra, and so many more created a renewed love of reading for me, and I hope you will pick up your copy of In Alexa’s Shoes. 

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