Homeschooling During and Beyond Covid-19

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Yes, I did homeschool my children on purpose. That was a few years ago, but the memories are still fresh in my mind; both the good and the bad.

With all of us currently staying at home and with the schools closed, for now, I have seen so many posts and blogs written by frustrated parents.

If you are one of the parents who know precious little about homeschooling, I feel your pain. My siblings and I attended public schools, college prep schools, and even Montessori when we were growing up. I too knew nothing about homeschooling.

Years ago I took the leap of faith and kept our daughter home once I found out our public school was dropping the gifted program she would have attended for Kindergarten. I began the homeschooling journey like everyone, with a mix of trepidation and excitement.

Oddly enough, we had so much fun that I worked with all three of our children at home for years before turning them over to public and private middle schools and high schools. Imagine that. Homeschooling on purpose!

With my newfound time at home during the 2020 pandemic, I decided that to put my extra free time to use and create an easy read, quick guide for all of the parents who are now homeschooling. Based on conversations I have had, Facebook posts on mom’s groups, and blogs I have read, it seems that there are just so many struggling with balancing work at home and having their kids also learning at home.

Enter this quick guide:

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My children were spaced about three years apart and all had very different personalities. Although there were certain things my husband and encouraged them all to do (skating and swimming) there were also things they chose to do apart from their siblings.

Each child had their own learning style and likes and dislikes. They were individuals after all. We as parents had to adapt to how they learned and engage them in different ways. It could be a challenge at times, but also quite rewarding to see their adult personalities emerge.

As you homeschool your children through the pandemic, remember that you are blessed with at least some understanding of what your child’s school system expects of your student.  But, I am sincerely hoping that it is the enrichment of you, the parent, that your son or daughter will remember forever.

Be there for them, pick up the book  Homeschooling During and Beyond Covid-19 , and know that eventually they will return to school. Think of this time as filled with opportunity, connection, and joy.

I offer the same 20-minute free coaching call for homeschool parents that I do for couples in distress. Please do not hesitate to call if you are at wits’ end about your homeschool experience. I am here to help and serve.





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