Going Back to His House

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Quarantine was so much fun…for weeks one through four. My husband and I did some day drinking, bike rides, and even afternoon delight (if you are old enough to remember that song).

If it was a warm day we kayaked on the Cuyahoga River.

We got mountains of home repairs and renovations done.

We watched our church services through a prerecorded Youtube video.

But then came week five, week six, week seven, week eight, and on and on it went.

I began to slip into what can only be described as mild depression. I lost my desire to do much of anything other than Netflix and Hulu. I still did some marketing and reading but could no longer sit through the Youtube church services. I could not get into sitting in my office, staring at my computer screen and sing a joyful noise to the Lord.

I had to take action. So I scouted out the several churches that remained open or had reopened. Do I dare “cheat” on my home church? I LOVE my home church. When my husband and I moved to the country, it took weeks of going from church to church to find a place I could call home.

Then I remembered something about the devil. To me, the devil is not a little red man holding a pitchfork any more than Jesus is a blue-eyed, blonde.  But I assure you, God is real, his Son Jesus is real and so must be the other side of the playing field. Wouldn’t the devil just love to see me depressed and not spiritually fed? It would delight him to see the church fragmented and closed completely.

But I had other plans. Go away depression. Go away spiritual apathy.  So off I went to a different church for the day.  Here is how I felt about that.  Three tissue day at church

My husband did not want to go to a new church, but after he saw my video and the joy that filled me,  I know he was moved by how much being in God’s house had meant to me. About a week later, he decided he really wanted to visit a good friend of his that he had been missing. He blew me out the door when he said “Hey Stacey! Let’s drive to see my friend, Andy, tomorrow. It is less than a two and a half-hour drive and if we leave early we can go to his church.”

Wait, what? He was willing to try a new church service at a different denomination? Wow. My husband’s love spoke volumes to me that day.

So off we went to West Virginia and enjoyed the service, the fellowship, the joy on Andy’s very surprised face, and the visitation after the service.

Church Road Trip

After coming home, a friend told me that my home church would be reopening in early or mid-July.

My home church. Hmmm. Maybe my home church is everywhere. Maybe I can be spiritually fed anywhere that there are like-minded people who gather together in His name. I look forward to seeing all of my old friends from my home church, but for now, I am enjoying the opportunity to see and experience the love of Christ all over the place.

If you lost God, I invite you to go and find him. Are you afraid to try something new? Do not be afraid. So much lies beyond our comfort zone.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 


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