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Maybe I should have titled this one “My Third Rant” as the first rant I did (https://strongerthanbroken.com/?s=my+first+rant ) was also about that damned cell phone.

One evening my husband and I went to have a bite to eat and hear a local band. I was stunned that the couple next to us. They were captivated by their cell phones instead of talking to each other. Oh well. I brushed it off thinking that surely they would converse at some point. I mean, the meal had not yet come. They were just whetting their appetites with pop until the food arrived, right?


Wrong! The food came and they were still looking and eating. I have no words. Well, yes I do.

My parents taught me that when you are at restaurant, it is customary to sit across from your partner or date, so you can have meaningful eye contact. Thank you mom and dad.

Still at it

I often expect this cell phone obsession from the younger generation, but here was a couple about our age. It made me so sad to think that their date night was all about checking their Facebook feed or sending a Tweet about being out on date night. Do you see the irony?

My solution? Let’s go “Old School” on our dates. Leave the phone in the car or at very best put the damned thing down when the food arrives. I love to post happy date nights on social media so I fully understand the need to have the phone with me, but honestly, I also need to look deep into my husband’s eyes. I need to see that special smile that he only gives to me. I need to connect in a way that signifies that we can still feel like lovers and not business partners.

Here are a few tips for your next date:

  • Do not talk about the kids, bills, or broken washing machine. It is a date, not a board meeting.
  • Use the phone to post a few cute pictures and then put it away.
  • If you have young kids and need to check on how the babysitter is doing, make sure you peek on occasion or put the phone face down so that you can see it vibrate if an emergency call is coming in.
  • Remember that date night is sacred, special, wonderful, fun and a way to rekindle romance.
  • Go home knowing you connected in a meaningful way and see where it leads when the lights are turned out.
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