Do You Have A Shocking Marriage?

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I know we can all get sucked into Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We scroll around and click on something that may or may not be of value.

But, I will never forget when I was perusing Twitter one day and saw the words “Shocking Marriage.” I was titillated and wanted to know what was so “shocking.” So I clicked and got sucked right into some amazing videos by a man who is avidly trying to take our culture back. You see if you are married for more than 15 years and still love and adore your partner, in this current climate, that is “shocking.” Finally, my social media wanderings led me to a man with a mission!

In an era where we are pulled away with popular culture, social media, busy lives and wondering if we are being politically correct enough to keep our friends and jobs, we often look the other way. We begin to push the envelope at what a Godly marriage should be. We get distracted by worldly things and put the “Ol’ ball and chain” on the back burner.

Like me, Jerry McColgin has other ideas. With his great tips for keeping marriage sacred but not boring and his passion for marriages to learn how to communicate better, he is making a difference.  Don’t you want to know how to regain the tenderness in the relationship that should be the most sacred one that you have here on this earth?

As I began to follow his videos and podcasts, I was honored when he not only asked me to be on one of his shows, but he and I were able to meet at the Igniting Souls Conference in Columbus last year. I learned about the marriage conference he was creating and I was all in.

Jerry McColgin and I at the Igniting Souls Conference 2019

Are you ready for a shocking marriage? Are you ready to go from mediocre to exciting? Are you ready to learn and grow? If so, this is your personal invitation to come to Indiana and attend the Shocking Marriage Conference at Thrive Christian Church.

My husband and I will be attending and I will be one of the speakers.

I cannot wait to meet the woman Jerry so frequently speaks about (his loving wife of over 30 years) and I will be thrilled to show off my spouse as well.


If traveling to Indiana is not an option, please consider private coaching, attending a seminar in your area or contacting me to create one for your church. If a trip to the Indianapolis area sounds like fun, then I will see you there!

Eventbrite Tickets for The Shocking Marriage Conference

Blessings, Stacey Greene

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