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How lucky am I that I sat at a table with Sarah Wayt for not one, not two, but three days at a conference for authors? This perky woman who lives in the North East of England had a presence about her that drew me to her like a moth to a flame. I could not get enough of her delightful spirit and the peace that seemed to surround her.

Naturally, I had to buy her book and dive right in. I was stunned to find the trauma she had endured just three short years before she cruised over to table fifteen, where I met and fell in love with authors from Ohio, Arizona, Spain, Texas, Ohio, Scottland, and England.

Here is the next book you should have on your Amazon list. Conscious Connection – Reframing Mental Health to Create a Thriving Life

Sarah is a holistic health practitioner and a medical anthropologist. I wonder,  did God nudge her into those fields for such a time as this? Her studies surely came into play in her life.

Combining science and her spiritual nature by taking theory into practice, she was able to heal her own PTSD. Her book has reminded me that we always have the power of choice.  She says “The old Newtonian worldview was built upon cause and effect with us believing we are the victims. I am this way because of that person or this experience; they caused the problem and made me think and feel this way. However, we know we live in a quantum world in which we are the creator, not the victim. The quantum world is about energy causing an effect, where we are able to generate what we want as soon as we begin to feel it.”

I learned that the heart has about 40,000 neurons which make up a sort of mini-brain. Studies show that the heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. To me, this speaks volumes. If our heart has such intelligence, then we should trust our inner guidance. I know we think with our heads and feel with our hearts but we must remember to feel the joy, peace, and love in order for our hearts to become or remain more ordered.

Often I pray (many call it meditation) and attempt to clear my mind and get into a deep state of peace. This state is when you are in the gamma wave state yet I seem to be stuck in the beta wave state which Sarah calls the fight or flight state. I asked her how she goes from the beta state to the gamma state when she meditates.

“When it comes to meditation many people find it difficult to reach a gamma brainwave state. This can be for a multitude of reasons, but, by far the main one I hear from people is an inability to switch off the inner voice that seems to like discussing what’s for dinner, what you’ll be wearing that day, reminders about putting out the trash etc.

The key is not to fight those thoughts and get upset because they flood the mind. Go with them, allow them, acknowledge them, and once you stop trying to shut them out, they pass. Once passed, the mind enters a beautiful state of calm receptiveness. It is in this space that the elusive gamma state is reached.

You’ll know when you enter it because time, sound, smell, etc have no relevance, you are in total flow with the inner creative self while it reaches out to touch the divine universe. It is in this space that you know you are powerful, you  are a creator, you have choices, and miracles happen.”

Are you ready to experience healing, joy, and a state of consciousness that leads you to creative thought? I highly recommend this work by Sarah.

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