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Dandelions. Weeds or friends? When I was a child, my father handed me a dandelion weeder and paid me 10 cents for every dandelion I would pull from the roots. Thankfully for him, and unfortunate for me, our front yard was not very big.

Fast forward to today. My husband and I have a big yard and tons and tons of dandelions. I let them be. I let the butterflies and the bees enjoy the dandelions. Seeing them the other day made me laugh thinking that we all have some “dandelion people” in our lives. You know, people that we wish we could uproot from our lives? These are people who do not bring us joy. These are people who create stress in our lives and people who just plain annoy us.

Here are my thoughts on dandelion people.

Here is the thing: These very same people who annoy us, are the very treasured children of God. They are cherished and loved dearly by others. Personalities don’t always have to mesh. Perhaps we see in “dandelion people” what we don’t want to see in ourselves. Maybe you have a “dandelion person” who has opposing political views, or different value system.

The take away today is that since God loves them and other people love them, we should too.

Now, go and love on a dandelion. They are not weeds.

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