Conquer a Fear

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Stacey Greene, Author

I read a great book a while back. It was Conquer What’s Next – Scheme your dream, Get your Rear in Gear, and Gain the Grit to Go There by Bill McConnell.  What a gem. We all have fears. What is terrifying to you may be exhilarating to me. What turns your crank gives me the willies. It’s all good. That is truly why we are all called individuals.

So maybe after seeing my bridge video, you are laughing at me thinking that 65 feet is no big deal. Well, after yesterday, I can now say that too. Why? Because I went and did it. I conquered my fear.

What fears do you have? Are they in the field of physical limitations? As an example, I have done two and a half-mile open water swims in the ocean where the sharks live. But then I have an adult friend who refuses to get her head under the water in an indoor pool.  That’s fine. Are we still friends? You bet! Can I step out of judgment and help her if she ever wants to get over it? Yes.

Maybe you do not have a physical fear like heights or water. You climb, fly, swim, and take risks. But, I bet if you look deep, you may find a fear of something else that is coming from some self-talk that is hindering your progress.

For many, it is the fear of writing that book they have inside of them. The negative narrative running in their brain may include statements like “Who am I to write a book?”, “Why would anyone want to read my work?”, or even “My story is not worth telling.”

For others their fear may be starting that new business, speaking in front of a crowd, making that first move towards a potential new relationship.

For anyone reading this who is ready to take the next step towards conquering a fear, please go pick up  Conquer What’s Next by Bill McConnell  and work through things like goal setting, revealing routines, resilience of resolve, support, repetition, how habits are the hub of achievement and so very much more.

If you do, then you too will be checking off things that used to limit you. Let’s go and let’s grow!


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