The Big Life


I always love when someone can take a word and make each letter stand for something. As a bit of a word nerd, I love acrostics, initialisms and acronyms.

I will never forget seeing an acrostic for the name Alex. What do you do with that letter ‘X’? Well, Alex had blond hair. The writer used the word xanthic to describe her hair color. Brilliant.

We all know that SCUBA stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, and perhaps most of us know that radar is short for radio detection and ranging, but today I learned that laser is short for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Ah, but I digress.

What I really wanted to point out today is that LIFE (yes the life we live) should really stand for Living Intentionally For Excellence and that BIG stands for Bring In God.

Cuddle a cat

So to live a big life, we need to bring in God and live intentionally for excellence.

Pray with your S.O.

Here are some tips or tools of the trade that can alter the course you may currently be on:

1) Eat good food. Simple right? I mean things that come from the earth and not a box.

Real Food

2) Enjoy your pets. The simple pleasures of a furry friend can make you slow down.

3) Write down what you really want. It could be small like making it through an entire day without screaming at your teenager, or it could be something big like paying off your mortgage two years early. When we write goals down we are more likely to work towards them.

4) Pray and pray and pray. I always had a hard time praying for myself, as I assumed it was too selfish, but a good man of faith once reminded me that God wants us to be happy and fulfilled. I try my best to pray for others first and conclude with some desires of my own.

Relax in Nature

5) Set yourself apart. Instead of binge-watching the next series (ask me how many episodes in a row I have watched of Call the Midwife),  reach for that book or Google search a Ted talk on an area you need more knowledge in.

6) Take time to do absolutely nothing in particular. In this frenetic society, we run on empty for much of the day. Relaxing and recharging will allow you to do it all over again tomorrow with clarity and love.

Enjoy your life as it is now, always looking for ways to improve. Always have gratitude for what you have, while working towards what you want.

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