2020 Vision

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Stacey Greene, Author

Now come on! You knew when you opened this blog that I was not going to talk about eyesight.

We are now well into the new year and how are we doing on our “vision”? I don’t mean how are we doing on our resolutions. You see resolutions are things we do out of some tradition or compulsion. Most of the time we don’t lose that 10 pounds. We don’t go to the gym five times a week and we don’t double our income in one year.

When I think about my vision for 2020, I want to think bigger than a short term goal of losing 10 pounds (although that would be great).

Think bigger. Think legacy.

I think about what do I want people to say about me when I am gone. Who did I help along my own journey? Did I use the talents and gifts God gave me?

For 2020 let’s go on a journey together. Please share with me in the comment section (or if you do not want to be public you may contact me privately) what you want to be remembered for.

Here are things I hope to accomplish and work on throughout 2020 and beyond

  • Give or tithe more
  • Step out of judgment
  • Make my children proud of me
  • Love my husband with reckless abandon
  • Share my love of God
  • And yes, lose 10 pounds!





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