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From "Meh" to Meaningful
Make the Most of Your Marriage

Do you look at your spouse  and wonder what you ever had in common?

Has the mundanity and monotony of the daily grind left you listless?

Has your life in the bedroom gone from sizzle to fizzle?

Words like bored, apathetic, and restless used to describe my marriage.

The day-to-day grind of raising kids and the myriad of mundane tasks that had to be done each day left no time for a meaningful relationship with the person who was supposed to be my best friend; my husband.

He felt like nothing more than a roommate.

When a night out with the girls was more appealing than date night, I knew we were in trouble.

Thankfully that was over ten years ago. Surviving child-rearing (oh those teen years!), taking care of aging parents, and even learning how to forgive my husband’s affair were life lessons I chose to grow, not shrink from.

Can your relationship also go from “meh” to meaningful?
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Stronger Than Broken - Stacey Greene Coaching

Stronger With Love, a NEW BOOK by Stacey Greene

Stacey Greene takes the reader through a subject many people have experienced, but few are comfortable talking about: infidelity. Greene’s book puts one couple’s decision to grow from this episode into fiction format.

The character, Michelle, made assumptions about her marriage that did not allow her to see anything out of the ordinary. To further complicate the relationship, one spouse uses faith in God while the other vacillates on the existence or not of a higher power. Do the children figure it out? Does the character, Jim, continue to see the other woman? Will the marriage make it?

Greene’s autobiographical approach shows the reader what lies on the other side of such a breach of trust.

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What Our Readers Say...

I particularly liked the quotations/Biblical verses at the beginning and end of each chapter. You really get a sense of the pain that is endured by all involved and the depth of love that ultimately saves the marriage.
This author is amazing. She has a way of spinning a terrible thing into somethig you can learn from. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with their marriage.
Amanda M.
Very honest and poignant book. I admire the author for bringing up such a difficult topic, and one that so many keep silent. Many people can benefit from reading "Stronger Than Broken." I couldn't put this book down and read it in one day. Well done!
Keith Maginn - Stronger Than Broken
Keith McGinn

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